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One of the most important things a family plans for financially is the expenses of sending a child to college. Parents are usually concerned on how to afford the seemingly never ending costs of college. Parents and student must work hand in hand in financial planning for college but there is more help available to navigate the labyrinth of higher education costs.

This is where Academic Directions enters.  Certified educational planners and expert college financial aid consultants quickly breakdown the financial facts in order to make smart decisions about the student’s future education.  The good news and bad news is there are lots of financial aid options.

Academic Directions has been guiding students and their families for more than a decade.  Dr.  Barry Sysler, President of Academic Directions, recently commented on the main stumbling block to financial aid, “Most people do not understand the financial aid process. They rule out particular colleges based on cost. Keep in mind, it is not the stated cost of the college that should be of concern to you. Your only concern should be what the college will cost your family. They don’t realize that financial aid in the form of need based aid or merit scholarships can discount or reduce the cost of attendance. BUT, you need to file a FAFSA first in order to be eligible for financial aid. Thinking they do not qualify, they simply neglect to file a FAFSA. At Academic Directions, all financial aid forms are completed and filed for the student for each year that they are in college because financial aid is an annual event and family finances can change drastically from one year to another.”

Why did you start Academic Directions?  “99% of all Independent Educational Consultants (or financial aid advisor) do not include the affordability piece in their college search. I felt it was an opportunity for me to separate myself from the rest of the field and create a niche that was very much needed considering the prevailing economic conditions,” answered Dr. Sysler.

At Academic Directions, you can obtain better college funding solutions as their guidance increases the chance of financial aid.  Students will be able to find their best collegiate match in return.  Academic Directions gives better peace of mind in finding the best college education within your means.

Contact us today for more detailed information based on your individual situation.  Also, feel free to get the free College Funding Solutions eBook with the most up to date tips on college financial aid.  If you live in Pennsylvania, you should seriously consider attending one of Dr. Sysler’s live seminars.  Regardless of your circumstances, don’t delay in getting the information you need!